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Used properly, LeaseManager can provide key information that really can add to the bottom line and give you the perfect platform to be proactive in growing your business and maximising the results of your endeavours. No more down time cobbling together management information from different programmes, Its all under one roof and just one click of your mouse away.
“At a glance” units delivered in current month, next month, and year to date by funder and funding method. Download PDF
Detailed individual commissions, and total company performance, showing vehicle, funder and funding method. Download PDF
Detailed individual Source of Business with company overview, which is perfect for marketing and advertising decisions. Download PDF
Detailed Funder and funding method report tracking where the business has been placed and why, and at what margins. Download PDF
Detailed Manufacturer report showing breakdown of vehicles ordered helping to highlight you most popular vehicles. Download PDF
Breakdown of all vehicles ordered with which dealerships to help you negotiate better discounts or loyalty payments. Download PDF
Create your own customised reports using any number of different criteria. Download PDF

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