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As well as helping to streamline your business, when used properly the system can more than pay for itself.
Existing clients have experienced an increase in renewal contracts of 5% to 10%
The system has enabled them to be more efficient in converting Gap policies
Previously untapped warranty opportunities have developed additional income and greater customer loyalty
The reporting tools have been use to successfully negotiate volume related Dealer bonuses
Accurate reporting on where the business comes from has helped develop extra efficiency and savings in marketing
An example of what can be achieved per 100 vehicles per annum
The number of renewals within that number 40
Average Finance Commission of 600
The average Gap commission 100
The average warranty commission 100
Volume bonus on say 10% of deals done at £100 per car  
The additional annual Profit you should comfortably expect to achieve is £6,400
Setting aside the commission on just four or five deals per annum will purchase your own bespoke version of LeaseManager.

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